From a lifelong love of the sea, the Kayak jetty was born with the vision of making our beautiful coast available to more people who want to discover it from the water.

In a time when the circular economy is in focus, we are constantly looking for new and sustainable work methods. We maintain and repair our craft as far as possible to later recycle those that do not meet our quality requirements for the secondary market. In our continuous development work, we also place extra emphasis on digital solutions.

Sustainable tourism means traveling in a way that makes both people and the environment feel good. That is why we at Kajakbryggan are keen that our activities do not leave unnecessary imprints that can harm animals and nature. A kayak trip cannot be anything other than sustainable when it floats silently across the water and for those who are above sea paddling, we also offer pedal boats of the highest quality. We are very proud to be able to offer fossil-free experiences that encourage movement and community.

Through simple but effective measures, we make it easier for the visitor to make conscious and sustainable decisions. When we establish a new rental station, we are careful to choose locations with good communications and instruct on our website how to travel by public transport to each station. Right now we have two rental stations – one in central Gothenburg and one at Björholmen on Tjörn.

In our quest to become an important key player in local nature tourism, our goal is for the visitor to stay at the site as long as possible. That’s why we put a lot of focus on local collaboration to ensure a wide range of activities and service on site.